The Daily Bucket–Frog Court investigates Koch Bros./Bullfrog Voter Fraud Collusion

The two brothers looked out from their penthouse at their priceless view of Manhattan, but both watched the clock turn over to 7:15:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

The afternoon shadows swept in that September afternoon and the sky darkened.

“It’s time,” said one brother.  They put on coats and got in the elevator without a word.  The elevator sped to the basement floor without stopping, and discharged the brothers  into a secret passageway lined with stolen Egyptian art treasures, that led into Central Park.

Chiseled from the walls of an ancient tomb.

An African Grey Parrot waited as they passed at 7:18. One of the brothers handed the parrot a large bag of pistachios.  It took the bag, and then flew along besides them.


The brothers are big men, if elderly and somewhat stooped.  But they strode briskly and with command, from the tunnel to the edge of a pond in the Park.  Then they spoke to the parrot, who called out over the waters.

Upon hearing the Grey Parrot, the bullfrog known as Arkan the IX surfaced.