Do poor people, people of color, and elderly have difficulty in obtaining ID in the US?

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As mentioned here and here a commonly listed argument regarding voter ID's is the decreased ownership and/or difficulty in obtaining among the poor, people of color, and elderly.

A similar question has gone without an accepted answer, with the more complete suggested answer downvoted, but doesn't answer my question.

This claim is made repeatedly that for some reason poor, people of color, and elderly have difficulty in obtaining ID to vote. Where is there source material for this?
What evidence is there that it has any significant impact outside of the homeless community?
Are there any hard facts, statistics, studies, or other material that support this claim?

Everything I've been able to find is that the only group of people that has problems with obtaining ID are the homeless. People of color, in general, seem to be able to ID themselves without much trouble.

Please note, I am NOT asking about difficulty in voting. This question is specific towards obtaining sufficient ID for eligible voters.

Anecdotally, I worked with programs involving unemployment, child support, TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare and a few others. At no point in 5 years working with those programs did I hear of ID being an issue. I know anecdotes are no substitute for data, but I haven't ever seen this claim supported with any real data.
I am not interested in contrived arguments regarding hypothetical situations.

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  • January 11, 2022