This was amazing.

On Gab, Telegram, 8kun, and other racist, alternative media, QAnon groups were salivating over Inauguration Day. They used popcorn emojis and had watch parties to witness the “storm” happening in real-time. This would be when Donald Trump would unleash the military to come in and arrest all the Democrats and install himself as God Emperor over America. Some had even hoped for public executions or other bloodshed. This was the moment

“WELCOME TO THE GRAND FINALE!!!” someone cheered in a 185,000-member Gab group. “Anyone else wanna puke with excitement?!?!?!” another person asked amid a rapid stream of messages coursing through a 34,000-member Telegram channel.

Others salivated over the idea of decapitations and sexual violence against prominent Democrats. Several messages were too grotesque to publish.

Yeah, these are sick f***s.

But then Kamala Harris got sworn in.  Then Joe. Then, some celebrating in Washington. 

That’s when the comments turned hilarious.   

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