Post-Truth Modernism + An Informative Read.

It’s a short book 172 pages or so and I recommend it strongly. I know many here think along the same lines, it cost very little about $10.99. I’ll leave you to read it if you want to.

My own thoughts.

It is the greatest threat to democracy in our time.


They are well known for obscuring, misinforming, disinformation and downright lies for political gain. For example: George Bush’s lies that lead to preemptive war cost a million Iraqis their lives, not including the loss of lives and financial cost to the US itself. There is nothing new in this and most people know it.

2-The Media

Unfortunately they have become as informative as the politicians dependent on their owners political bent, some much worse than others.

3-Social Media

A wonderful way of transmitting your own personal alternative of the “truth”.

When you combine this joyous blend of truth, partial truths and downright lies you end up with the beauty of Conspiracy theories were you are sucked in as one of the chosen few who know the truth.

I do so hate conspiracy theories since the best contain a kernel of truth which becomes lost over a very short time.

Right, I will dismount from the soap box and let you read the book.

  • January 15, 2021