Thomas Friedman’s recipe for Democrats would be fatal. He does not get it.

Thomas Friedman's recipe for Democrats would be fatal He does not get it.

Thomas Friedman did a disservice with a false narrative recently on MSNBC as Democrats are about to take over the government.

Thomas Friedman wrong again as he dings Democrats

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The message, the mostly hot-air-that-must-be-ignored emanating from Thomas Friedman is unwarranted and unneeded. In fact, he plays directly into the hands of Republicans and those who want gridlock.

What is most dangerous about his statements, is that it gives Republican lying narratives an air of plausibility. We must not allow that and push back with force.

Friedman talks about Progressives and the cancel culture. I will humor him by using his “cancel culture” words, which the Right-Wing has adopted as the superset of political correctness.

Progressives’ policies have been so maligned that we have developed a certain aversion to allowing liars and misinformers into platforms we feel we have more control over. We saw that at Berkeley and other places where we deny misinformers and liars to speak. The thing is, I believe it is more helpful to the cause if we have some control of the platform where they speak as well. Why? Because we can refute in real-time and also show how evil and non-sensical they are generally.

I explain in detail in the video clip from Politics Done Right why his attack on “defund the police,” Democratic Socialism, and the false description of Capitalism is not only wrong but misleading to all Americans. Please, please, listen to the entire clip.

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  • January 15, 2021