Philadelphia DA Says He Will Arrest Feds If They Commit a Crime in His City

Philadelphia is where the Founding Fathers met to write the Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of George III. The Philadelphia district attorney is continuing that tradition: He will defend the city from the tyranny of Donald I.

Philly DA Krasner vows to arrest federal law enforcement if they break the law in Philadelphia

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said Tuesday that he’ll arrest and prosecute federal law enforcement officers if they break the law in Philadelphia.

“If people break laws in Philadelphia — for example, if they kidnap people, jumping out of vehicles, if they shoot people in the head with rubber bullets fracturing their skulls, if they engage in crimes, even if they happen to be law enforcement — this district attorney’s office is going to hold them accountable,” Krasner told a Democratic state House panel.

Other officials — including the Republican former governor — spoke out:



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Even former Pennsylvania Governor and inaugural DHS head Tom Ridge, a Republican, said it would “be a cold day in hell” before he would allow anonymous federal police into the commonwealth.

The current governor was a tad more circumspect:

Gov. Tom Wolf on Tuesday signaled a strong message to the White House that he would oppose any attempt by President Donald Trump to deploy federal officers to any city in Pennsylvania.

“It would be unwelcome here as it has been in Portland,” Wolf said.…

Krasner gave an interview to Bloomberg:

So  you are prepared to prosecute federal law enforcement officials if they do in Philadelphia what they are doing in Portland?

If we have clear probable cause for the commission of crimes, by anyone, including law enforcement, including federal law enforcement, we will prosecute that. We're not going to tolerate any kidnappings and assaults going on in Philadelphia streets. We're not going to tolerate showing up under the guise of making things safer and [instead] causing violence.

As for acting DHS Secretary Wolf’s (no relation to PA Gov. Wolf, I hope!) threat that he can send agents (read: stormtroopers) anywhere, any time, Krasner said:

Acting Homeland Security Chief Chad Wolf said he doesn’t need cities’ permission or invitation to send troops in. What’s your response to that?

It is true that the feds can travel pretty much wherever they want, as long as they're obeying the law. It is also true that it is inappropriate and uncommon for them to try to do law enforcement activity without coordinating with local authorities, because all kinds of problems can come up when you do that. But the president has made it clear that he's basically opposed to and against large groups of diverse people, he's against big cities and he is against all the freedoms Philadelphia stands for. So I am not surprised that that would be their response.

The Bloated Bag of Mangoflated Crap has, once again, misunderestimated the American people.