Moscow Mitch is many things, most of them venal, but stupid isn’t one of them. He’s made no bones about wearing a mask, and being seen wearing a mask. He’s almost 80 and doesn’t want to risk his health (or the health of anyone in his caucus, at least). Now we learn his risk-avoidance measures include avoiding the White House.

McConnell says he hasn't visited White House in two months due to coronavirus

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Thursday that he hasn't visited the White House in two months because of how it responded to the coronavirus.

Speaking in Kentucky, McConnell said that while he talks to President Trump frequently, he hasn't been to the White House in person since Aug. 6.

“Because my impression was their approach to how to handle this was different from mine and what I insisted we do in the Senate, which was to wear a mask and practice social distancing,” McConnell told reporters.

He got blunter a little later:

At a second stop in Kentucky, McConnell added that he had avoided going to the White House because he “personally didn't feel that they were approaching the protection from this illness in the same way that I thought was appropriate for the Senate.”

And while Moscow Mitch may be totally irresponsible in his quest for power and in jamming his judges onto our courts, he knows how to deliver a responsible message:

McConnell reiterated that wearing a mask and social distancing was the best option until there is a vaccine.

“I think the message I have for everybody is … wear your mask and practice social distancing. It's the only way we know of to prevent the spread until we get a vaccine,” he said.

But in saying this now, and from what I can tell unprompted, he’s sending the opposite message from what Trump is putting out. This is one more signal that the GOP is abandoning any hope of releecting or even stealing the election for the Great Orange Shitgibbon and is focusing on hanging onto the Senate (which we will also deny them!).

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