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NH-Sen: Salon Exposes How Corky Messner's (R) Law Firm Bankrupted Mass Shooting Victim's Family

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I cover a lot of U.S. Senate races and I really try to keep a focus on the ones that are the closest so I tend to overlook some races. I’m not worried about the New Hampshire U.S. Senate race but I decided to do some digging on U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s (D. NH) opponent, Corky Messner (R. NH) and found this article from Salon last week that really shows how awful he is:

After ammunition and body armor retailers were unsuccessfully sued by the parents of Jessica Ghawi, who was killed in a 2012 mass shooting, the companies sought to recoup their legal fees. According to the victim's mother, her family declared bankruptcy after it was ordered to pay more than $200,000 by a judge. Now, Corky Messner, the Republican whose law firm represented one of the retailers, is running for a U.S. Senate seat in New Hampshire on a staunchly pro-gun platform.

Messner told WMUR last month that he opposed any gun control measures, and he would support rolling back some existing gun safety laws already on the books. Messner has touted his endorsement from the National Association of Gun Rights, which has attacked the National Rifle Association (NRA) for being “soft” and has called for “absolutely NO COMPROMISE on gun rights issues.” The group has spent “more on pro-gun lobbying than the NRA in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook mass shooting in 2012,” according to Politico.

Messner's law firm, Messner Reeves, was previously involved in a case which led to the eventual bankruptcy of the family of one of the victims of a mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Col. It was the first-ever case where a plaintiff was forced to pay defendants' legal fees under a Colorado law shielding ammunition and weapons retailers from most liability.

By the way, Messner is trying to do the pull off the GOP narrative of being tough on China but just like every other GOPer, he has his own ties to China:

Messner, who hopes to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-New Hampshire, next month, is a founding partner of Messner Reeves, a Denver-based law firm with offices in five states. On the campaign trail, he is a frequent critic of China, blaming it for the coronavirus pandemic and calling it a rogue country that has damaged U.S. manufacturing.

“We need to bring back the economy so our families can preserve the American dream,” he says in a recent ad touting his economic plan. “In my USA Plan, we can provide incentives to American business to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States from China – and create manufacturing jobs here in New Hampshire.”

In 2016, Messner Reeves attorneys represented China Export and Credit Insurance Corp. when it sued The Carlstar Group, a Tennessee-based maker of specialty tires, and several of its partner companies.

China Export and Credit was seeking $1 million it claimed was owed to a Chinese exporter, while The Carlstar Group said its payments were diverted after hackers breached the exporter’s data network. The suit was dismissed in 2017 after the two sides reached a settlement.

So yeah, he sucks. In case you were wondering, Shaheen has been kicking Messner’s ass in the polling:



— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) October 2, 2020


— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) September 29, 2020

Joe Biden and their fellow New Hampshire down ballot Democrats are also kicking ass except in the Governor’s race. The voter registration deadline in New Hampshire is October 21st. Click here to register to vote.

Click here to sign up to be a poll worker in New Hampshire.

And let’s keep up the momentum to flip New Hampshire Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Shaheen, Biden and their fellow New Hampshire Democrats campaigns:


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