MSNBC Pundit Michael Beschloss provided the best narrative that describes the president's complicity in the COVID-19 fiasco that killed tens of thousands of Americans.

Michael Beschloss puts COVID-19 blame on Trump

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MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin asked Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss how Presidents in the past would have handled a health emergency like the one facing Trump.

“At the very beginning a president would say,” said Beschloss. “I have got a lot of power as president. I have got all sorts of resources. I've got a public platform. I am going to use all that to keep Americans as safe as they can possibly be and voice cases in which their lives are in jeopardy.”

But he did not end there.

“Donald Trump from the beginning has not followed that fundamental lesson that every other president does especially in modern times,” Beschloss continued. “The result is that there were a lot of people who are not alive in America tonight who might have been alive had we had a more effective leader.”

Yes, he went there. What he said is the most diplomatic way to say Trump killed tens of thousands of Americans.

But even as some pundits are assigning the necessary blame appropriately, we have mainstream media reporters still giving the president a pass. White House correspondent Ashley Parker from the Washington Post sent a tweet that many found disturbing as it tried to redeem a failed president. It read as follows.

Trump looks…totally fine (and even — dare I say — presidential!) in a mask. I’m confused why it took so long for him to do the responsible thing, following his own CDC’s guidelines and modeling good behavior.

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