So Eddie Glaude Jr. was on Morning Joe this morning and in a couple of sentences he completely changed the conversation. Changed it in a way that every Democrat should mimic over and over and over again. Joe Scar starts a segment on the Green New Deal by saying it goes too far and they should be instead talking about the Paris Climate Accords and Carbon taxing. They then refer to Frank Bruni’s (George W. Bush’s biggest fanboy) execrable column on how by accepting the new deal 2020 candidates are groveling to their base. I am thankful they went to Eddie Glaude for comment first, probably trying to get the “other side” opinion out of the way.  What Glaude said was so simple but so successful.  Paraphrasing (don’t have transcript) He starts out, “I believe our planet is in crisis,” but instead of just letting it slide he turns it into one of the most profound questions our species has ever faced. “Do you believe our planet is in crisis?” There is no answer. The camera goes to glib Willy whose lips are trembling but says nothing. He asks again, “Do you believe our planet is in crisis,” and then when he obviously was not going to get an answer, and this follow up is critical, “What are you going to do about it?” Silence from the panel. Mika starts to mumble something but can not bring up any words. They quickly end the segment without another word. It was extraordinary. Democrats need to repeat this moment again and again. Do not make fun of Republicans with “thoughts and prayers?” which gives them wiggle room, but ask them sincerely and straight forward every time they bring up the New Green Deal, “Do you think our planet is in crisis?” And the follow up because they will not answer, “What are you going to do about it.” Try and do it when your opponent can’t go to a commercial break.

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