Crisis in Ukraine should teach us a lot – Rick Scott opened pandora’s door on Social Security

Today it is mostly about Ukraine because we must. But we will also tackle the social security rip-off by the wealthy.

Ukraine is deeper than many think.


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  • Millionaires Don’t Pay Their Fair Share Into Social Security. Rick Scott Wants to Keep It That Way: Today, people who are earning $1 million in 2022 stop contributing to Social Security. Those who are earning $2 million stopped contributing in January. Those earning $500,000 will stop contributing this spring. Most people don’t know this, because most of us—94 percent of workers—contribute all year long. The overwhelming majority of workers see 6.2 percent deducted from every paycheck, all year long. Not the wealthiest. They essentially get a pay raise: A 6.2 percent increase in their take-home once they have earned $147,000. Millionaire earners just got theirs.
  • The Ukrainian Crisis and the Case for the Abolition of the Nuclear Industry: Escalating tensions between Ukraine, NATO and Russia caused after Russia recognised the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk has seen the Cold War spectre of nuclear war between Russia and the United States return to haunt public consciousness. While public opinion is divided on whether Russia plans to invade Ukraine proper, the fear that a nuclear war will erupt should the US or NATO intervene to assist the Ukrainians directly, by sending troops to Ukraine for example, is universal. Although this prospect has heightened fears of global nuclear apocalypse, Ukraine, along with several neutral neighbouring countries, is already faced with nuclear catastrophe in the event of a full-scale war with Russia even if Russia prosecutes this war using conventional weapons or NATO does not intervene in the conflict. This is because Ukraine’s sizeable nuclear fleet of 15 reactors could be attacked, either accidentally or deliberately targeted, by enemy action or sabotage by rebels in the event of war. Granted, no precedent exists to estimate the damage that could be caused by a military strike against a nuclear facility as no major conflict has been fought in a country with so many reactors before. It is nonetheless fairly reasonable to presume that, if only a few of these power stations were damaged, Pripyat will not be the only deserted town in Ukraine that would have had to have been abandoned through nuclear calamity by war’s end. It is just as reasonable to presume that the damage and panic caused by an attack on a nuclear power station would be greater than that on a comparable fossil fuel or renewable energy power station. Put differently, that the harm, broadly defined, wrought by an attack(s) on its energy system would be less but for the existence of its civilian nuclear power programme.

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  • February 24, 2022
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