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Ali Velshi to Trump spokesperson Peter Navarro: Clearly what you are saying is not true

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Donald Trump's spokespersons do not get a pass when interviewed by Ali Velshi. As a real journalist, he does not allow the spin or refuted statements or lies.

Ali Velshi did not allow an unchallenged lie.

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Ali Velshi was not allowing Peter Navarro to use the MSNBC platform to allow yet another false narrative from the Trump administration to get metastasis in the American psyche. It was clear that Navarro thought he would be able to slip one in.

Velshi pointed out that America has lost over 130,000 people to COVID-19. He also stated that several experts believe that by the end of July more than 35,000 more Americans will die. He then asked if not wearing masks or not social distancing is a good policy.

Navarro tried to manufacture a new history.

“It is the Chinese Communist Party that is killing Americans,” Navarro said. “Not the Democrats. Not the Republicans. Not the American people.”

That was a huge deflection. Navarro then goes for the reinvention of history.

“The president has been clear about this,” Navarro lied. “He supports masks and social distancing. And the vice-president has been clear about this.”

The blatant lie got Velshi pretty irate.

“Tonight he is going to a July fourth celebration where he is not supporting that,” Velshi interjected forcefully. “The governor of South Dakota has specifically said there is no call for social distancing and you can wear a mask if you want. And the President is the headline speaker at Mount Rushmore tonight. So clearly what you are saying is not true.”

Navarro could not respond directly because he was in fact lying. He changed the subject as best he could as he continued to spin with solid and continual pushback from Velshi. This is what good journalism looks like.

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