Adam Schiff says Congress will see Trump's tax returns this year

I can’t say I ever fantasize about Donald Trump’s inevitable death, because that would be wrong. But he will die some day, as all of us eventually do. I want him to die peacefully at home in his bed at a ripe old age, because I’m a humanist without a vindictive bone in my body. But if that’s not possible, I hope an alien suddenly and violently shoots out of his chest, and that that alien’s face looks exactly like Adam Schiff.

Schiff has been among Trump’s fiercest bêtes noires. The guy has been indefatigable … relentless. He’s gotten under Trump’s thin, orange, infield tarp of a skin, turned it into a sleeping bag, and is currently getting all his mail forwarded there.

And today, in an interview with Axios’ Mike Allen, he was as steady and confident as ever:

MIKE ALLEN Do you believe Congress will ultimately get the president’s tax returns?


ALLEN: Why are you convinced of that?

SCHIFF: Because the legislation is abundantly clear. It says that the commissioner shall provide the returns to the chairman of Ways and Means — not may, not might, not if the president doesn’t object or tweet about it …

ALLEN: Do you think this will take weeks, months, or years?

SCHIFF: Well, I think it will take months to prosecute through the courts. Look, I think the courts are going to be aware and mindful of the disruption of the democratic process.

ALLEN: So it sounds like you think Congress will get the president’s tax returns this year.

SCHIFF: Oh, yeah.


Thank you, Adam Schiff, for standing up for the rule of law and refusing to let a lifelong conman make a joke of our democracy — at least without a fight, anyway.

Hope you’re right — and I hope the courts aren’t so corrupted that they fail to faithfully interpret our laws. Nothing less than the future of the republic depends on it.

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  • May 10, 2019