Journalist and Environmental activist Harvey Wasserman makes it clear, the economic collapse & the COVID-19 pandemic is on Trump. Unfettered capitalism closes the loop.

Harvey Wasserman gets real about Trump

Watch the entire episode here.

We must stop dancing around the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic did not have to cause the new impending great depression. A lack of leadership and an economic system that reward it is to be blamed.

Those who benefit the most from it, the parasites of our society who as well are the beneficiaries of most of the spoils are to blame. And as Harvey Wasserman eloquently articulates, Donald Trump is the tool, the puppet that not only got tens of thousands killed but tens of thousands more to come.

Wasserman recently wrote the article How the Woodrow Wilson Influenza of 1918 & the TrumpVirus Pandemic of 2020 Brought Fascism to America” that all should read.

The entire interview is worth a listen. It is short and concise.

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