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The Daily Bucket–Love and Lotuses

About three weeks ago, Saint-nominee Attack Gardener sent me 5 lotus seeds that were almost 10 years old. I followed Yubtube instructions on scarring the seeds before placing them in water.  Remarkably, all the seeds sank in water, showing they were not dried out. 

I talked to them in a wee voice, and freshened their home in a shallow vase with warm water:

I cast their fate onto the waters on Dec. 5.

Well what do you expect from Ten-year-old seeds;  9 days went by without any action.  The internet says the seeds only last 3 years, tops. Even fresh seeds don’t germinate 100%.  Some did germinate a 2000 year old lotus seed, but come on.

And then on the evening of the tenth day I was up late and thought I heard some splashing. I checked on the lotus seeds. 

They live; 100% germination on 12/15. I was so excited!

The sprouts climbed towards the water’s surface.  I added water, but an hour or two later they’d be poking through again.  I tried to watch them but somehow they fogged my mind.

All last week the table shook a little at night, where the lotuses were germinating. Here is a picture just seven days after they first poked out of their shells.

The sprouts are now 7 inches tall, having grown about an inch/day. Air temperature was 71 F.

Now I am transplanting them into an aquarium tank which will be too small, very soon.

Toilet paper provided for scale. The clay dirt is from the Missoula Flood.

The old and new containers. The new container contains two inches more of muddy water.  I pushed the seeds into the underwater clay soil.
Nonetheless, the sprouts are now poking through the water’s surface, just a few hours later, having apparently grown another two inches.

I was unnerved when one of the seedlings hissed, ”feed me Seymour,” while I was transplanting it.Next time I transplant these seeds, it will be into five, 5 gallon Buckets!

It is true that these seeds germinated over the Solstice, and are near several vortexes and crystals.  But their vigorous germination and growth after a decade sealed inside a plastic bag is worth noting. Perhaps our own love and hope energizes the lotuses.

Now it’s your turn.

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Thanks for reading;

What have you noted in your area or travels? Snow on the birdfeeders yet?

Please post your observations and general location in your comments. I’ll check back by lunchtime.

/s/ Redwoodman

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