Today at West Point:


I don’t want to make fun of people with serious medical issues, but Republicans opened up this can of worms four years ago when they pretended Hillary Clinton was on her deathbed with everything from Parkinson’s to multiple sclerosis. (An exhaustive — and rather absurd — list can be found here.) And Trump himself claimed Hillary didn’t have the “stamina” to be president. But she had enough stamina to lift a glass to her mouth. At least she could do that.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Trump would have been better served by a sippy cup than an adult beverage glass. 

Hmm. Somehow I picture a small handful of Cheerios spread around in front of him on the podium. I also wonder if he walks the White House corridors at night in Spider-Man footie pajamas while sporting a cherry Kool-Aid mustache.

But seriously, something is going on!

Could it be … a grave illness?

People with dementia may struggle to handle cutlery or pick up a glass.”



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Or does Trump simply do everything like a toddler?

Who knows? But Sean Hannity, et al., need to really examine the apparent frailty of a man who will be 74 tomorrow and wants to serve another four years as our president.

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