Which UK polls//surveys provide information at a constituency-by-constituency level, for the upcoming EU elections in May 2019?

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Coming as no surprise whatsoever, the 2019 EU elections will be an interesting event in the UK. Notable features seem to be:

  • The election may act as a proxy vote on brexit, and on various parties' approaches to brexit;
  • Other than in Northern Ireland, the election uses a form of voting that somewhat favours larger groups over smaller ones (a party with few votes is likely to get fewer seats than its % of votes would suggest, a party with more votes is likely to get more seats than its % would suggest);
  • Tactical voting is likely to be of more-than-usual significance as a result of these.

To vote tactically in this election, one needs to identify parties supporting one's aim, and then in principle vote for the party polling highest of these, in one's constituency.

But after much searching, the basic information needed for this, has eluded me. I can't find any website that appears to publish polling or survey data at UK constituency levels. But without that information, tactical voting becomes very difficult.

Is such data actually available? If so, where?

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  • May 9, 2019