Most Americans are not concerned about the politics of medicine. That kills many going forward. We must understand pharmaceutical companies.

It is time to remove power from all inhumane corporations, including pharmaceutical companies.

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Today I have one and only one topic to discuss. How do corporate power in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries ignore humanity to make a profit for a select few?

The evil within these corporations is not hyperbole. It is real and it has caused millions of deaths as we will point out.

One of the major problems is that most Americans neither have the time nor the interest to research these realities. Corporations create Think Tanks to create a believable narrative to fool and indoctrinate people to believe that they are mostly doing good. It is not the truth, of course.

It is the job of the activist to go where people are and respectfully inform. Only then will we be able to force change. A knowledgeable population can direct their politicians.

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