Nabilah Islam – Atlanta has its own AOC and she is ready and able.

I had heard of Nabilah Islam from a friend in Georgia. She was impressed with the millennial’s policy positions. But most importantly she said she knew how to deliver them.

Nabilah Islam impresses not only with her policy positions but with her lived experience. It allows her an empathy few politicians have with the constituent.

Nabilah Islam on Politics Done Right

Watch the entire episode here.

I made arrangements to interview Nabilah Islam with her campaign manager a few weeks prior. Followingly I was made aware of the most apropos article titled “Atlanta may have its own AOC” which I found very telling.

America’s millennials are in dire straits when examining many of their socio-economic metrics. Nabilah Islam’s life story is not detached from that reality. It is time for this generation to take their place politically to address problems imposed on them by previous generations that were at best shortsighted with the decisions they made on economic and fiscal policies. Millennials must now unwind them for a chance to lives many of their parents and grandparents had.

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