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Katy Tur: Our current economic system designed on millions suffering & on inequality

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Katy Tur once again gets the message right in one of her segments. She reveals the dirty little secret about our economic system.

Katy Tur gets it once again

Watch the full episode here.

Mainstream media reporters have to be careful. They must report without upsetting the status quo. After all, they are funded by the corporatocracy, and as such, they must balance the interest of truth with the potential loss of revenue or all-out demise.

Reporters and hosts like Ali Velshi, Katy Tur, and a few others are very apt to threading the needle. I have been talking about the fact that our depression will not be televised.

If one shows the dire straits that many Americans are in, it create a unity that lends itself to systemic economic change. So while the media will show food lines locally and here and there nationally, they will not show the severity of the economic depression in the aggregate.

In this interview, Katy Tur made two points that will probably go past many even as it will be implanted in their subconscience.  Nicholas Kristof pointed out that European countries and Canada, countries with a robust safety net do not have the unemployment problem, eviction problems, hunger problems, and other problems we have.

“Why are we set up that way?” Katy Tur asked. “Why is our society set up to allow millions of Americans to go hungry, to struggle, and to fall through the cracks. It doesn’t benefit the entire society.  It doesn’t benefit anyone if you have millions of people who cannot get by.”

Later she had more to say.

“Our system is set up on inequality,” Katy Tur said. “It’s foundation is inequality. “

I deconstruct those two statements in my rant. Suffice it to say, our economic system depends on those two realities.

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