Cable channels and traditional media are saturated with impeachment coverage. Healthcare rates remain unaffordable. We cannot ignore the Medicare for All battle and others. Let's walk, chew gum, read, and think at the same time.

When Trump gets impeached, whether removed from office or not, the euphoric sugar high will be short-lived. Why? The declining path of the poor and the middle class remains on the same trajectory since the inception of supply side, voodoo economics, Reaganomics.

Generation Zs, millennials, and Generation Xers will still be in insurmountable debt. Parents will still have no choice but to compromise the well-being of their kids with expensive substandard childcare. Immigrant children and adults will still wake up to the stresses of living under a cloud of uncertainty. Many Americans will live under the uncertain quality of the water they drink and the food they eat. The deficit-fueled debt will continue to rise because of continual irresponsible wealth transferring tax cuts to the rich putting our social safety net at risk. Our infrastructure, roads, bridges, airports, ports, and buildings, are falling apart as we fall behind many other industrialized countries. Health insurance remains either unaffordable or unusable because of high deductibles and copays even as countries implementing a version of Medicare for All are healthier, less stressed, and unconcerned about medical bankruptcy.

Impeaching Donald Trump solves none of those problems. Republican politicians, in their callous disregard for humanity and family values they purport to stand for, have convinced enough of their constituents who would benefit from solving the abovementioned problems that they are unattainable. No, we can't.

Our biggest concern should be what many in the Democratic Party consider too progressive to be presidentially viable. That is neither what the polls say nor what a humane belief dictates. As has been mentioned ad nauseam, the progressive policies articulated above all poll way north of 50 percent. These are policies both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been championing for decades between them both.

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