musings on various topics

at the close of the 2nd of a 3 day break from teaching.

It is hard not to be angry and even worse at what is happening right now in Northern Syria.

As I told my students, the current occupant of the Oval Office broke no laws in the decisions he made — that is, in theory he has the full authority as Commander in Chief to do so, especially in the absence of any action by the Congress to the contrary.  However, if he did so for corrupt reasons — either for his own personal financial interests or because he is being blackmailed by Turkey or Russia or both — that should be a clear impeachable offense.

Next, I wonder about Trump’s failure to nominate people to vacancies on independent boards and commission, which means they cannot fullly function.  That is clearly true of the Federal Election Commission and with the recent ruling about Facebook by the EEOC one wonders whether that agency will also be subject to unfilled vacancies and thus uneable to fully function.  I wonder if this might not be a violation of the oath of office that requires the President to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, that is, that the President faithfully execute his office  — absent a quorum at such agencies it clearly it cannot be — and therefore that by itself becomes an impeachable offense.

And then there are the various acting people at the head of cabinet agencies.