I get so tired of my home state of Kentucky producing some of the biggest assholes to ever occupy political office.  If you haven’t gotten enough of Moscow Mitch’s destructive partisan obstructionism or Rand Paul’s reckless selfishness, there is always Republican Congressman Thomas Massie of the 4th Congressional District.  Massie is another hypocritical libertarian, and he is threatening to gum up the works on the latest economic relief bill before the House.  It is not entirely clear how, but it is being reported that Massie will try to force House members to show up and hold a vote on this economic relief bill.  

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Congressman from Kentucky plans to vote “no” on the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, which the Senate passed 96-0 Wednesday evening.

U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, a Republican who represents Kentucky's 4th District, also hinted that he might object to a voice vote in the House of Representatives, which would force all members to return to Washington, D.C. and slowdown movement on the bill.

Like I said, it is not explained how Massie will be able to get away with this under House rules, but if he somehow does this, he will be forcing his fellow House members to get back to D.C. during the coronavirus pandemic.  Frankly, I can’t see how Speaker Pelosi will allow this, but I am not up on the House rules.

And I want to remind everyone that Massie is a liar and a hypocrite.  Massie voted for Trump’s tax cut, but he is foaming at the mouth about deficit spending.  The same $1.7 trillion dollar tax cut that has not paid for itself, and it has added a trillion dollars to the federal deficit.

But here is Massie making the same BS arguments about deficit spending:


And did I mention that Massie wants to get everyone back to work just like Trump?


Worse public outcomes than death from a virus.  Yeah.  Right.

And like his fellow libertarian Rand Paul, Massie thinks he is indestructible to the coronavirus:

This is the recent in a series of coronavirus-related splashes made by Massie. After an attendee at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 26 to 29 tested positive for COVID-19, several of the events attendees said they would self-quarantine. However, Massie said he did not plan to, as he was confident he hadn't interacted with the individual.

For every decent Democrat like Governor Andy Beshear in Kentucky, there are multiple Republican turds like Thomas Massie, Moscow Mitch, and Rand Paul.

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