If America can only clothe its medical personnel attending those infected with COVID-19 with trash bags, how can we send people back to work knowing so many are unprotected. Both Glenn Beck and Texas Lieutenant Dan Patrick are wrong. It is not necessary for the elderly to put themselves at risk to save our failed economic system.

COVID-19 makes it clear who system considers trash

That doctors and medical personnel are scrambling for supplies is no accident. We have a president who loves to gamble. What is his incentive? For his entire life even when he loses he is able to pull out a win. Hell, he even lost the election by 3 million votes and still became the president.

The president has blamed President Obama and the Chinese for his failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The one thing we know is that Trump has been president for almost 4 years and we have doctors wearing trash bags and makeshift masks.

The president has the authority to force our capitalist companies to manufacture en masse for this shortage using the Defense Production Act. His refusal to do so is worse than a dereliction of duty. It leads one to speculate that he is doing what capitalism does best, help his cronies extract at whatever price the market will bear. That is why states and cities are likely bidding against other states and the federal government. Private companies profiting for price maximization for a scarcity that could be managed with all purchases regulated through the federal government.

The presence of COVID-19 in America was known for months. Trump was ill-prepared by design.

When we have the efficiency of capitalism, no one builds excess capacity. It is for this reason that certain sectors of our economy belong in the public sector where the laws devoid of humanity need not exist.

Irrespective of our government is saying, the American economy is heading into a catastrophic crash. That could be a bad thing or a good thing. I say let’s make it a could thing. Let’s all engage to ensure we switch the poles of power and build an economy that serves us all.

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