Chuck Todd schools Senator Manchin: Filibuster was never an idea of the Founding Fathers.

Chuck Todd schools a willfully naive Senator Joe Manchin about the filibuster. He reminded the Senator of something many may not know or realize.

The filibuster has nothing to do with Founding Fathers

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Chuck Todd tried to feel out Senator Joe Manchin. He wanted to see if there is a carve-out that Manchin was willing to support in the filibuster if the continued intransigent Republican Senators continue their obstruction. Chuck specifically asked about election reform bills.

Manchin asked Chuck if he would want a Senate where senators can’t sit down and negotiate. It was a rather silly and naive statement. After all, just like with the Affordable Care Act and this COVID Relief Bill, Republicans do not budge. Democrats often vote for Republican-inspired bills, but Republicans seldom reciprocate. It is disingenuous for Manchin to imply that it is about negotiating with Republicans. What they want is what they always want, which is capitulation.

And then that is when Manchin pulled a nation foundational statement out of misinforming thin air.

“The Senate is [the most unique] governing body in the world,” Manchin said. “It’s deliberate. It is basically designed, Chuck, to make sure the minority has input. That is exactly our Founding Fathers.”

Chuck Todd must have studied up. No other morning news host schooled Manchin on his misrepresentation or devotion to this Jim Crow-like tool.

“Senator, the filibuster was never an idea of the Founding Fathers,” Chuck Todd said passionately. “That is a Senate rule that was created by Senators later. In fairness, it is not a ‘Founding Father’ idea.”

Later the Senator would attempt to correct his statement by making it seem the Founding Fathers would have approved. Why? Because they created a bicameral Congress.

Joe Manchin is still not committing to bust the filibuster, but his answers leave an opening to do what is necessary to pass bills. Of course, the bills he supports will be less than optimal. But for now, Democrats have no choice but to work with him.

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  • March 7, 2021