An open plea to the New York Times


The New York times published an embarrassing op ed from the president of the University of Oregon, Michael Schill. It is poorly written, poorly argued, condescending towards his own students, incessantly whiney, and the President of a major university does not seem to know the difference between fascism and authoritarianism.  If years ahead people are looking as to why our society is falling apart this op ed will be a great exhibit A. How is it possible that a university president could write such a thing?

But my intention is not to argue the points. The truth is I do not attend or teach at the University of Oregon so I do not really have standing. What I would ask the the New York Times that published this op ed is to ask one of the students who took over the stage to write a response in the same space. It couldn’t be worse for Godsakes and it would show that we really are a society open to debate, not just the debate the powerful want to have.

Please write, email, call the New York Times and ask them to do what is right in this circumstance and what would be good for our society.