MSNBC commentator Zerlina Maxwell did not pull any punches as she admonished an unfair system biased against women. She was speaking about the breaking news that Elizabeth Warren had suspended her campaign for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

Zerlina Maxwell nails it.

Zerlina Maxwell was asked if Elizabeth Warren's name was Michael Warren whether we would have had the same outcome.

“No,” Ms. Maxwell answered. “She would have done much better if she were a man. And I say that because it's not just that her campaign was explicitly feminist in terms of the progressive positions on policy. She hired feminists, black ones. And I think that got lost in the conversation because there is so much focus on the principal and the candidates themselves. But the makeup of your staff is a reflection of how you value those constituencies. If you hire all-white male consultants, you're are going to have many blind spots for lived experiences that are not white and male.”

Zerlina Maxwell then moved on to the crux of the issue.

“I think this is a moment when we have to take a deep look into the cultural reasons why this is happening,” Maxwell said. “This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with any of the specific mistakes Elizabeth Warren made because Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders make plenty of those. And they are still in the race. I think that women do not have as much space to make those mistakes. They are attacked more when they make mistakes. And it is harder for them to gain traction in fundraising and organizing.”

She ended the sub-segment with a prescient point after the men on the panel expressed their support for women in leadership.

“I want more men to do what you just did,” Zerlina said. “Which is say, 'I would like to see women in positions of leadership' and not just when they get daughters and discover that women are people.”

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