Will appeasing Republicans lose us 2022 – A conversation with a PDR Posse member.

Will appeasing Republicans lose us 2022 – A conversation with a PDR Posse member. #PTFB

Is working towards compromising with Republicans on the American Jobs Plan a fool’s errand? We discuss this issue with PDR Posse member Norman Rennalls in-studio.

Is working with Republicans who want your demise worth it.


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  • Norman Rennalls is an engineer who in his retirement has decided to become a political activist. He is intent on making a difference. Rennalls visits the Politics Done Right studio to have the conversation not only with the host, but with the audience. He is passionate about his position.
  • ‘This Is How You Lose Your Majority’: Progressive Warnings Mount as Dems Drag Their Feet on Infrastructure. “Republicans aren’t interested in compromise. They never were. Let’s meet the scale of this crisis and pass the bold package our nation needs.”

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