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Tulsa is a BUST for Donald Trump’s first political rally. I guess a shrinking willfully ignorant.

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President Donald Trump faced a very small crowd in Tulsa after promising a full venue with large overflows. He got neither. BIG FAIL!

Tulsa proves Trump's falling polls are accurate

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Trump is conducting an experiment on his own supporters by gathering them in small confines. Trump promised a full venue in Tulsa as well as full overflow venues where neither materialized. Sadly, thinking Americans know that these Trumpists as they return to their cities, will be torpedoes spreading COVID-19 to their communities.

The New York Times reported it as follow.

In Tulsa, the 19,000-seat BOK Center remained underfilled for President Trump’s first rally in months, with a crowd that was well below the campaign’s expectations.

A planned appearance by Mr. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to an outdoor stage outside the arena, to address what was expected to be an overflow crowd, was canceled, as just dozens of supporters were waiting by the stage at the time the speakers were supposed to arrive, Astead Herndon reported from inside the arena.

The Trump campaign blamed protesters interfering with supporters and blocking access to metal detectors for the smaller-than-expected crowd. …

Inside the BOK Center, surrogates and Mr. Trump’s supporters took turns ignoring the empty space and seeking to rally the crowd. A local Oklahoma sheriff called Mr. Trump a friend of law enforcement, referencing the national unrest that has broken out over police brutality and racial injustice.

All the trappings of Mr. Trump’s signature rallies were back. Red hats that read “Make America Great Again” greatly outnumbered the amount of masks, even as the event took place during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Trump’s go-to playlist roared from the speakers, with favorites like the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A” and “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins greeting longtime rally-goers used to hearing their favorite tunes.

However, as Mr. Trump was preparing to take the stage, the floor space in front of the podium remained only about half full, and the top rung of seats at the BOK Center remained largely empty.

The Trump mystique may be dying. This will make him even more dangerous as he attempts to resort to lawlessness to win. We will not allow that to work.

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