The president believed he could wish the pandemic away even as he knew it was dangerous. It has come home to roost at the White House and beyond.

The pandemic must be the undoing of Trump

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Brian Williams made a statement that made me laugh until I caught myself and realized how serious it was. The ineptitude of Trump and his enablers is not funny. Williams was talking about the plexiglass at the vice-presidential debate.

“After pushback from the Trump campaign,” Williams said. “Hours before tomorrow’s vice-presidential debate, aides to Mike Pence are now signaling they may be OK with using those plexiglass barriers on stage. With 18 people now testing positive, all 18 connected in some form or fashion to the Trump White House, the better question might be, ‘Can we enclose the White House in a plexiglass shield to protect the rest of the nation?”

Most of us have a better suggestion. Let’s vote them out of office. Then we can send the sanitation and fumigation trucks and experts wearing moon suits to decontaminate the White House.

We must never let Americans forget that the Republican leadership lent their party to Trump who killed over 210,000 people and counting, destroyed an economy, increased the contamination of the environment, and stole a lot of the nation’s treasure. It is time that America rid itself of this scourge.

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