Steve Schmidt once again got it right in his excoriation of President Trump. This time it was his Mussolini type balcony act, which further showed his irresponsibility.

Steve Schmidt remains on point

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Sean Hannity laid praises on Trump's dictator-like performance after he left Walter Reed. He made an interesting comparison.

Fox News host Sean Hannity compared President Donald Trump's actions amid the coronavirus crisis to the behavior of leaders Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

Hannity asked if people wanted “a leader who's willing to fight every minute of every day, for the country” or a “shadow of a man who hides in his basement bunker.”

Talking about the nation being “land of the free and home of the brave,” he went on to share famous words from FDR and Churchill.

Steve Schmidt did not take kindly to the comparison. He called it a desecration of history. He said one should not compare the recklessness of Trump's behavior, malice, meanness, and irresponsibility with those statesmen's works.

He then reminded Americans that Trump threatened violence against his own country if he lost the election. The Walter Reed joyride stunt endangered Secret Service personnel that work for him.

Schmidt then compared our COVID-19 mortality with similar nations to point out the president's abject failure. And then, of course, we have a broken economy.

“The American way of life,” Schmidt said, “Has been fundamentally disrupted all because of this fool. And that is what he is.”

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