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Fox News Opinion Piece: Trump team’s stonewalling speeds up Democrats’ impeachment timetable.

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Normally, I avoid Fox “News” like the Ebola virus, but someone at Fox let this opinion piece loose online:

In the TV news business, we often toss in a throwaway line during a live shot. We declare we “don’t know what will happen next,” or some other bromide. But in this impeachment process, we truly don’t know how this will unfold. We’re in such new territory here.

But one thing is clear: The decision by the Trump administration to bar any cooperation with Congress simply hastened the impeachment timetable.

OK.  Music to my ears.  Must be a catch in here.  This is Fox.

It was thought as recently as last weekend that the House could burn a couple of months investigating the Ukraine issue — and then turn to crafting articles of impeachment. But the lack of compliance poured accelerant on the entire process. If House Democrats don’t get the materials they want soon, it’s not outside the question the House could expedite articles of impeachment late this month or early November.

Who the hell are you, and what have you done with the Fox opinion piece writer?

The writer, a guy by the name of Chad Pergram, then goes on for several paragraphs giving — what for it — Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being good at counting votes and understanding her caucus.  Imagine, a Fox opinion writer giving kudos to Speaker Pelosi for being competent.  Aren’t they normally frothing at the mouth with rabies when you mention Nancy Pelosi?

I know.  Rabies only infects warm blooded creatures, but I digress.

But Pergram goes on to give Republicans some criticism.  

Meantime, Republicans are crowing about “process” and the House not taking a formal vote to launch an impeachment inquiry. Republicans want to squeeze vulnerable Democrats by voting to initiate an impeachment inquiry.

But, one wonders if that tactic could backfire. Would Republicans on shaky turf either A) vote to launch a probe, or, B) face the wrath of voters if they oppose the inquest?

The “lack of a vote to start an impeachment investigation” is a process debate. It is said on Capitol Hill that once you start arguing about “process” to the public, you’ve already lost the fight.

Yeah, let’s not talk about the substance of Trump’s actions.  I know that process questions always worked when Democrats used it against Republican tactics when they dominated congress.  I’m sure Fox viewers are boning up on their knowledge of due process, even though due process does not apply during impeachment in the House.

But Pergram then zeroes in on that wacky guy Congressman Gaetz and his Captain Kangaroo comment:

This may be the first time that a children’s television icon was roped into a debate over impeaching the president of the United States. What’s next? Mister Rogers on North Korea’s weapons program? Bert and Ernie tackling Brexit? Maybe someone could enlist Mr. Moose to tell a knock-knock joke and drop a stockpile of ping-pong balls on everyone’s head.

As I said, this is coming out of Fox.  I couldn’t believe I was reading it.

Later, Pergram brings up the upcoming genocide of the Kurds in Syria.  All brought to us by Trump.  And while Pergram admits this move by Trump shouldn’t be part of impeachment, he admits that it will.  He highlights how Republicans worked with Trump out of a “marriage of convenience,” but some of that may change because of Trump’s betrayel of the Kurds.

The good news for Trump in this piece is that he will never hear about it because Trump doesn’t read anything.  And to be honest, I have no idea if any of other Fox consumers of “information” will read it either.  Most Fox viewers just turn the TV to Fox and let it ride.  But this piece makes some sense.  And that is why I cannot figure out how it ever got the OK to run.

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