The story proves American Healthcare wants you bankrupt before help.


It is shameful that in the land of opportunity, the American Healthcare system is nothing but an engine to transfer the assets of the many to the rich via bankruptcy. This is why we need Medicare for All.

American Healthcare wants you bankrupt before help.

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Kathleen Morin-Morgan, a regular listener and caller to Politics Done Right called in with a story that would break anyone with a modicum of humanity’s heart. She has a friend whose mother fell ill.

Her friend’s mother is at the stage where she really needs to be in a home. But as most find out in the latter portions of their lives, those services are unnecessarily expensive because of a coercive wealth extracting American healthcare system.

In lieu of going into a care facility, Kathleen’s friend’s mother decided to “do it herself” at home. What that really meant is that her son would have to take care of her even as he held a full-time job.

Kathleen points out that the son is so stressed out that his blood pressure zooms sometimes to 260/140 even with medication. This is the type of blood pressure that will eventually result in a stroke or blood pressure.

Our healthcare system stunts wealth building for most

The mother saved all of her life to have something to pass on to ensure the next generation had something to build on. Unfortunately, the most immoral system in the world wants your assets transferred to owners of the health industrial complex and all the other industrial complexes that like parasites feed on the American masses to satisfy the greed of the few.

Some may ask if one plans and took out some sort of insurance policy for nursing home care, that would solve the problem. Aren’t these people irresponsible for not having it? That is not the point. Most could not afford that extra expense. But we can all through our tax system and with the exclusion of those who profit from the sick support each other so that those who need extended care can get it.

Medicare for All fixes all of these problems. Remember Medicare for All is not today’s Medicare. It is an all-encompassing healthcare system that gives all a basic level of care efficiently and without the profiteers running unregulated.

  • January 14, 2020