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Down with the Bad hair….and nails? Can I help?

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This is supposed to make you feel good.   Down on that stringy mess  on top of your head because of Covid?   I mean the roots are showing and the layers are gone.  It has been six months since that mop has been trimmed?   You look down at those nails and they are a mess,  Well you say to yourself, it doesn’t matter  as I’m not going anywhere anyway.  It does make a difference to many who have used the beauty salon and nail salon to pep up a down day and and help with depression.  They look in the mirror and don’t get out of the jamas.   Is it vanity?  No, it is not.  It is a routine many women in their 40’s , 50’s 60’s and older hang on for a little self confidence and still feeling pretty good about themselves since the menopause and the extra weight which is even moreso with staying indoors or not socializing.   Well I have some news for you. 

Men can usually get someone in the house to cut their hair.  Most men are happy with scrubbed nails and don’t wear polish or desire manicures.  Some do but cutting and trimming nails will suffice for most males.  

For women who do not want to take the scissors to their hair but I do not discourage it at all.  I say go for it.   What is the worst that can happen?   It also grows back.    Buy a cheap hair piece or wig and no harm.  You also have not exposed yourself to the virus.  You can also pull your hair back if it is long enough and sport a pony tail with a nice scarf to match your mask or pile it into a lovely bun like Grandma used to wear.  Yes I am old enough to remember some hairstyles were quite lovely.  I think of Katherine Hepburn.   

This virus has us rearrainging our furniture or painting or doing some fixer uppers because we are at home.  We are experimenting with recipes or catching some movies, or doing some really unique things and  we are not going anywhere but how we feel about ourselves and our partners is a real thing.  Most wives and husbands do say, “ Ah you are beautiful just the way you are” but the problem is, many of us don’t feel that way and we get depressed and pretty soon we are about to scream and no end in sight.  What I am about to say to you can actually cause bonding with some family members you live or associate at this very trying time.  What got me on this was looking at Hillary the other day and knowing how pretty she is and she just looked like she was so ready to have her hair done  although I am sure Hillary has her own personal hairdresser and the latest with Nancy Pelosi’s set up at a beauty salon.  ( Not the time for that story).

Draw that Bubble Bath and light some candles and sink into a hot tub and soak.  Try and get on a routine as hard as it may seem.

Get up and shower and then pick out a different outfit…but not quite yet do you put it on.

Get you some really good scissors.  Hair styling scissors if possible.

Get your towels.. ( 2)

Have your blow dryer out because guess what….Blow dryers are forbidden at salons.  If you want to style your hair, get our the straightner iron or curling iron.Many women and I would say most use volumizing get to hold the style.

Go and wet or shampoo your hair and if you have bobby pins grab them,  They will separate and hold your hair in place while you are clipping.

Section you hair off in six positions.    The Front…The sides….The back….the Crown….Take those scissors and start from the crown.   The crown is where you begin layering but first decide if you are wanting a trim or a full hair cut.    If it is just a trim, it is not so complicated.  If you have someone helping you, be sure to tell them to cut just an inch from the length and hold the scissors in place with a steady hand and clip in sections taking the length off first.   Work the trim upwards.   If you have bangs then don’t cut any shorter than the brow.  Hair will shrink when dryed.  Do not cross your legs.  Every beautician will tell you this and try to hold your head straight.  Take a Break if you need to.  Have your blow dryer out because guess what….Blow dryers are forbidden at salons.  If you want to style your hair, get our the straightner iron or curling iron.Many women and I would say most use volumizing to  get to hold the style.

Don’t worry if you have some strands hanging, you can go back and clip them.   You probably will.  You will need a mirror to get the back and hope for the best by feeling if you are doing this yourself and clip one area and then check the mirror.  work downward from the crown holding the hair in your fingers and with the comb you sectioned off.  Not chunks but like you were rolling your hair.  No matter if you have a license to do hair or a novice….cutting one’s own hair is not easy.  

Once you have finished the cut job……Shower and towel dry as much as possible on your new do. Blow dry your hair.  No volumizer on it yet.  Run your fingers through your hair and shake it.   Now you look front and back at your own hair cut…or trim…whichever the case.   Some will like their do so well they won’t bother to style but many will lather up the volumizer and place  it where you plan to curl.    The foamy volumizer is to be stroked through your hair.   Start at the crown after the volumizer dries which is about 5 minutes.   Start at the top with the iron and roll and hold the iron  for 20 seconds.  Count to twenty.   Pretty soon you will have curls that are bouncy and you take the brush and brush it and style with your fingers .  If you see some loose stragley hair that you missed.  Clip it.   Shake your head while stroking your hair and then admire your work.  Don’t think beauticians don’t screw up with a gap here and there, they just even it out or cover it.   

#1.   I went to cosmetology school in the late 60’s and trust me we experimented with everything to do with hair.  If we screwed up…we just called it a new style.   

If you want to color you hair or touch up roots…. Nice and Easy or Loreal and all the shampoo colors are out there and takes about 40 minutes altogether.  Easy peasy.   I do not get my hair professionally colored ..I don’t have the patience so I do it myself.  

I guarantee you, you will be happy you were concentrating on you and not the nonsense happening in the country.  You can slip into your cute outfit or comfy nice looking outfit and out of your jammies and on the phone with those GOTV calls.   

Nails?  Just clip them short and buff them out and push back the cuticles.   Keep it simple and you and your daughter or granddaughter or partner will have a ball with the lotion massaging the hands and feet.    I cut my nails shorter and painted them.  I like it better than long nails.

It will lift your spirits.   

I wish I had my before  and shot but here is my haircut below.

I like it.    Don’t worry if it is different lengths because all styles including different lengths like Jane Fonda and Reba are all in style.   I included a you tube for a Do it yourself straight all one length hair.

Go for it.   This day and time there is really no perfect or in style haircut.  If that hair is feeling heavy and weighing you down…you can always just cut it off.


I like it and it feels so much lighter.  Before I had no layers and it was heavy and stringy.

All different cuts…anything goes…

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