Biden schools reporters on foreign policy ‘Biden said he’d invade Russia,’ a purposeful joke!

Joe Biden made the necessary joke that proves the stupidity of the reporter’s question as he schooled them all on foreign policy.

Biden scolds reporter

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Several reporters that questioned President Joe Biden were either incompetent or fail to understand diplomacy. They continuously implied with their questions about the success of the summit with Putin or the toughness in castigating the Russian leader.

Finally, the President gave a long rambling answer and then cut to the chase.

“Look, guys,” the president said. “I know we make foreign policy out to be this great, great skill; that somehow it is sort of like a secret code. All foreign policy is, is a logical extension of personal relationships. It’s the way human nature functions. And understand, when you run a country that does not abide by international norms, and yet you need those international norms to be somehow managed so that you can participate in the benefits that flow from that, it hurts you. That is not a satisfying answer.”

Then Biden made a joke to make the point.

“Biden says he is going to invade Russia,” the President joked. “By the way, that was a joke. That’s not true.”

He then continued to make his point.

“But my generic point is,” the President continued. “It is more complicated than that.”

I do not expect many in the press to get it. Judging some the tonality of some of the questioning, there were too many Fox News-like inferences in the questions they asked Biden.

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  • June 17, 2021
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