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Zounds. It Now Seems Jazmine Barnes, 7 Year Old Murder Victim, Was Killed 'By Mistake.'

Breaking, from News4SA.Com

According to KTRK in Houston, an investigation tip led authorities to 20-year-old Eric Black Jr. who has been charged with capital murder in the deadly shooting and a second suspect has been taken into custody.


An investigation revealed evidence that corroborated the tip, authorities say, and Black was taken into custody in east Harris County without incident. He later reportedly admitted to taking part in the shooting.

According to Court documents, the suspects fired at the car she was in by mistake, believing it was another vehicle.

I wrote about Jazmine’s drive-by shooting murder some days ago here.

What about the red pickup and the bearded man identified by Jazmine’s sister?  Apparently he was just fleeing the scene, hoping not to get shot as well.  Via Vox:

As for the white man who sped away in a red pick-up truck, there are reports that he was merely an innocent bystander. Shaun King, a writer and activist, who along with Merritt offered up a $100,000 reward for information to identify the shooter, says the man is no longer a suspect.

“It appears that man was an innocent bystander who fled, actually fearing for his life as well,” King tweeted Sunday morning. “He was not the shooter.”



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There may now be  “justice” for Jazmine but she will never be the teacher she wanted to grow up to be.  From Vox again:

Jazmine Barnes’s death is also a story about black childhoods — Barnes, a second-grader who wanted to be a teacher and loved music, was killed at a time where research has shown that black children are often viewed as less innocent and more adultlike than their white peers, a perception that likely plays a role in how often they’re exposed to violence. It’s also a story about gender and the fact that black women are nearly three times more likely than white women to be killed in homicides, though violence against black women is not as often covered by the media.

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