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Zerlina Maxwell on why Biden’s poll lead is soft and temporary

It is hard to take a contrarian view from the hosts at even purported Progressive Networks like MSNBC. Yet Zerlina Maxwell has been doing just that as she fights the Joe Biden coronation. Check out how she does it with the perfect narrative.

Zerlina Maxwell interprets the Biden poll

The recent Monmouth University Poll gave the Biden team the necessary scare that they called an outlier. Given two subsequent polls (Quinnipiac University Poll, USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll) so far that is the case. But there are telltale signs out there.

Zerlina Maxwell breaks down the four leading candidates with a narrative that is hard to refute.

“Elizabeth Warren has essentially done the unique job of laying out a vision with specifics,” Maxwell said. “So this is how they would compare. Bernie Sanders is excellent at explaining what the problem is. He is excellent at laying out all the different things that are wrong structurally with this country. And then he stops talking. And I am always listening for solutions and specifics. Elizabeth Warren does not stop talking. She says, 'And here is how I am going to fix it. And here is my plan to fix it.' Kamala Harris also has a verbal tick where she says, 'I don't want to hear you talking about what all the problems are. Tell me what you are going to do about it.' And I think that is the difference in this campaign. And Joe Biden just does not have that vision for, 'This is how I am going to fix the problems in the future with my plans.' He's saying we are just going to go back to the way it was before where I guess the problems disappear, dissolve, become invisible? I don't know.”

It is great to have a few clear-eyed pundits during this cycle to prevent those who would willfully repeat the same mistake expecting a different result, from pulling the wool over the eyes of most Americans. It is clear that the powers that be are not intent on giving a clear path to any transformational candidate. They are happy to placate in order to provide the most status-quo Democratic candidate possible.

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