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Zerlina Maxwell nails it again. A vote for Trump is one supporting racist policies.

Zerlina Maxwell made something very clear about racism. It is clear that one does not know what's in another's heart. As such one can only be judged by their actions and policies.

If one supports racist policies or someone who does, it is more probative than trying to figure out their heart. So what really got under Zerlina's skin?

Zerlina Maxwell gets real

The host of the show played a segment where they asked a white man who he was voting for in the 2020 election. His response, while one would expect, was demonstrably bold. He said something to the effect that it should be assumed he was voting for Trump because he is a white man. Further, he said he was frustrated and felt that white men were under attack as being racist, etc. To prove he isn't racist, he said he also associates with “colored people.”

When asked what she thought about the man, Zerlina seemed a bit put off. She said it was ironic that the man was offended that many would call him a racist yet he used a term like “colored people” that many blacks find offensive.

Zerlina Maxwell then went on to make the more important point.

“It is not about whether or not Donald Trump is a racist in his heart,” Maxwell said. “I literally do not care. I care about his policies and how they are impacting people who look like me. Does a baby, in a cage, cares if Donald Trump is racist in his heart? I bet you they do not. And so the problem here is that he seems more offended by the label racist than by the baby in the cages. Which is what I think the majority of Americans, not Trump's base, are absolutely horrified by. And I think that is where our focus should be. It absolutely should be on the policies and the impact on communities of color.”

Zerlina was not done there. She had a lot more to say.

“I don't care if he doesn't like being called a racist,” Maxwell continued. “Stop acting like one and I will stop calling you one.”

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