Zakaria to GOP: Stop lying. Become 'Progressive Conservative' like UK's Boris Johnson to survive.

The Republican Party should listen to both Fareed Zakaria and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Otherwise, the party will be dead sooner rather than later.

UK Conservatives our Liberals?

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Fareed Zakaria has some advice for the Republican Party. Adopt UK’s Boris Johnson’s social and economic progressive narrative.

Johnson describing his pandemic plans, recently said the following phrases.

  • “Sounds like the new deal. All I can say, if that is so, that is how it is meant to sound and how it is meant to be because that is what the times demand, a government that is powerful and determined and puts its arms around people in times of crisis.
  • “Build, build, build,” Johnson said. “Build back better. Build back greener. Build back faster.”

Yes, that was a “Conservative” British Prime Minister. He knows how to read the polls. And what they say in the UK is likely no different than what they say in the U.S. People want progressive policies when giving the option without lies and misinformation.

Boris Johnson is considered a Conservative a-la Margaret Thatcher. The thing is, British conservatism is as socially destructive as American conservatism. After all, the UK has socialized medicine. Their healthcare system, like any other, has problems. But ultimately, no British person has to worry about their healthcare.

If more Americans understood that most industrialized countries have healthcare systems orders of magnitude better than ours for most, cost the average citizen little, and are loved by their residents, they would vote for every politician not supporting Medicare for All sooner than later.

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  • March 1, 2021