Yup, he still sucks — George W. Bush whipping votes for Kavanaugh

I don’t care how many Werther’s Originals he hands Michelle Obama like a half-in-the-bag Wilford Brimley. He’s George W. Bush, and he’s terrible.

How do I know? ISIS used to be a schlocky Saturday morning TV show that aired after Shazam! And before he took over, my 401(k) was worth more than my Subway Club Card.

But in case you need another reminder, there’s this:

George W. Bush, the Washington Post reports, has reached out in recent days to Republican senators Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, and Lisa Murkowski, along with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. The group of four is seen as the key to Kavanaugh’s confirmation; without their votes, he will fail to land a seat on the Supreme Court.

The Post suggests that Bush has entered the fray, at least in part, because these undecided senators are less likely to be swayed by President Trump, who hasn’t made very good friends with any of them.

In other words, if the worst president in the history of the United States can’t convince these waffling senators, maybe the second-worst can!

At this rate of devolution, the next Republican president will be a piece of expired Wonder Bread covered in donkey shit and hair.

And it will appoint three Supreme Court justices.


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