Adam Schiff announced the release of transcripts from closed door testimony by Yovanovitch (316 pages) and McKinley (156 pages). Volker and Sondland testimony transcripts to be released tomorrow.

This release of depositions of Marie Yovanovitch and Michael McKinley offsets the absence of WH witnesses today as “no-shows” resisting subpoenas.


THE CHAIRMAN: What did you what was your reaction when you saw the President had said that to his Ukrainian counterpart, that you were going to “go through some things”?

MS. Y0VAN0VITCH: I was shocked. I was shocked and I was I was shocked and I was apprehensive about what that meant.

THE CHAIRMAN: Mr. Malinowski.

MR. MALINOWSKI: Thank you. Just one question.You mentioned, Ambassador, that Ambassador Sondland atone point had advised you to, quote, “go big or go home,” and”go big” meant putting out a tweet or public statement saying that, I think you mentioned, that you supported President Trump and rejected all of these false accusations. Did he

MS . YOVANOVITCH: Something like that.

MR. MALINOWSKI: Did he actually say, “support President Trump”? Was that his advice, that you publicly say something to that effect?

MS. YOVANOVITCH: Yes. I mean, he may not have used the words “support President Trump,” but he said: You know the President. Well, maybe you don’t know him personally, but you know, you know, the sorts of things that he likes. You know, go out there battling aggressively and, you know, praise him or support him.

Tomorrow: AMIGOS!

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