YouGov Poll: Impeachment Leading 51% to 39%; PPP Poll: Generic Democrat Beats Trump by 11%…

A survey released today by Public Policy Polling finds Donald Trump performing poorly against a generic Democrat and that Mike Pence, should he be the Republican candidate, would also lose.

PPP’s new national poll, conducted on behalf of EDF Action, finds that Donald Trump has a 40/55 approval spread and trails a generic Democratic opponent 52-41 for reelection. These numbers are about as bad as we’ve ever found for him, and indicate there’s no backlash coming from the movement of House Democrats toward impeachment in the last week.

Republicans wouldn’t be much better off with Mike Pence. The same poll found he trails a generic Democrat 49-40 and that his record on climate change makes voters less likely to support him by a 22 point margin.

A loss of the presidential race would be bad enough for Republicans, but the scope of an 11% loss would likely involve losing control of both houses of Congress and could decimate Republicans in gubernatorial races and state legislative races as the 2022 redistricting approaches.

Website 538 gives PPP a “B” grade, with a Democratic tilt of 0.3%.