You will not believe what I was told by a manager in a Winn Dixie tonight.  I am so ticked off at people running around with no masks in the middle of a pandemic I called a manager tonight because people have to get milk and bread and not everyone can afford the extra charge of delivery OR even offered it at many stores.   

Now I was told they cannot enforce these things:

People wearing masks even though they have Masks Required on the door.

They can’t enforce stopping someone from stealing something off of their shelves.  They can ask, “May I help you”.  I said, what?  Help them steal?  They can call a cop but they can’t enforce the no stealing.  Now the last I heard there is a law against stealing.

They can’t enforce a dog being brought into their stores because if it were a service dog, they could be sued.  They can’t even ask if the dog is a service dog.  


I said, “ Why”.   The guy said, “ I don’t know.  I guess it is socially unacceptable to not wear shirts and shoes.”

I said, “ Can you enforce No Smoking?  He said yes.

I said, “ Why” and again the same answer, not because it is law but socially unacceptable.

Are you kidding me?  I said.  Are you trying to shock me or just appease me but I happen to know the Founder of the Winn Dixie’s Stores son and even though they are corporate, I am gonna call him and ask him if he still is a major stockholder and ask him plenty of questions.  ( Vet used to play music with this guy.  ( For years they traveled together.)  I want some answers and it isn’t just Winn Dixie.  It is every store down here in Florida. 

Now think about this a minute.   If I owned a business, it looks to me like I could enforce my own rules.   He said, “ Well in New York it is a different ballgame in stores”.  Florida has not passed a mandate on masks.   I said, “ Well they haven’t on shoes, and shirts either.  NEXT !!!!!

Now can someone explain to me how when I get in my own vehicle that I pay monthly high insurance and car payments , the law can enforce the seatbelt law and that seatbelt only protects me, how can the states not enforce something to protect you and other people?  How does that even make sense?  What I do in my own car because I don’t have sense enough to realize without a seatbelt I am in danger but a mask is different.  

The guy said, “ Well some things are socially acceptable”.   I said, and Dying is socially acceptable?  Making people sick is socially acceptable?  He got quiet. 

   Putting peoples lives in danger is socially acceptable?  Really?  This mask crap is so screwed up, People should have enough sense to wear a mask in public if they don’t want lockdowns.  People should know texting and driving is a danger to others as well as themselves and they should know all this without a government mandate but when stupid rules along with the almighty dollar in the name of freedom to do as you damn well please, then they need government intervention.  The people of Florida need to sue the state .   They need to do a class action law suit for endangering people’s lives.  Money is the only thing republicans and big business understand. 

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