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“You see, I know the Truth” – Donald J. Trump, despite the 'Crimson Contagion' report

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The daily WH brief hosted by IMPOTUS is now becoming a Real Housewives show in the absence of campaign rallies and chopper talk. More whining about the press verging into intoning his complaints about the media, including Trump flirting with the OAN reporter.

The reality is that new or complementary therapies won’t be viable for months even as Trump did his usual exaggerations of impending drug trials with a hype of deregulation brought on by crisis. Trump demonstrates that his inaction and ignorance cannot be a deregulatory policy.

The Feds seem to have ignored the conclusion of the simulation last year of the eight-month study “Crimson Contagion”. 110 million Americans were expected to become ill, leading to 7.7 million hospitalized and 586,000 dead.





crimson contagion


The NYT obtained the still confidential after action report from this exercise, dubbed Crimson Contagion. It is a VERY disturbing read, and it sounds like a script from the real life global disaster that is now playing out.

The SIMULATED pandemic run by HHS quickly experienced the EXACT shortages that are now taking place, like respirators, ventilators and anti viral medications. It also predicted other major breakdowns that have NOT YET HAPPENED, but could soon

They short take on this is that the Trump administration knew exact what could happen, and likely would. It had a script. Here it is in full…

This exercise was hardly the first. There have been a series of reports prepared that identified significant weaknesses in the ability to respond to pandemics and other global health threats. Here is another NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED report from Obama era.…

Here again is the story that looks at this history. It was not a “Failure of Imagination,” which is what was said after Sept. 11. It was a failure to act on clearly identified threats. Story by
@SangerNYT @esullivannyt @michaelcrowley with @EricLiptonNYT



Experts Say Neo-Nazi 'Accelerationists' Discuss Taking Advantage of Coronavirus Crisis

While ISIS has instructed its members to steer clear of Europe and to constantly wash their hands in hopes of avoiding contracting the novel coronavirus, far-right extremists are discussing how this could be their moment to capitalize on what they see as a potential collapse of society.

The conversations, many of which are taking place on encrypted and closed Telegram channels, gives a glimpse into how the militant neo-Nazi movement—the organized sections of which have been facing increased pressure from federal law enforcement—is reacting to the global pandemic.

Though a lot of the talk is wrapped in troll culture with users sharing absurd anti-semitic theories for the virus’ origins and memes about the supposed hygienic superiority of Nazis, some online neo-Nazis are openly seeing the potential opportunity the pandemic brings to their movement: the chance for violent insurgency if authorities struggle to maintain control over society during a prolonged lockdown of the public.…

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