'You scrunch-faced fear baboon': John Oliver takes on Tucker Carlson's vaccine disinformation

Pennyfarthing doth doff his cap to John Oliver, the agreeable British bloke who plies his trade on this side of the pond to our immense and perduring delight.

Oliver’s HBO show, Last Week Tonight, expertly meshes topical comedy with must-see segments on vitally important issues. It’s like 60 Minutes with less Morley Safer and better jokes. (I know Morley Safer is no longer with us, but he’s a cultural touchstone for news nerds of a certain age, like me.)

On the May 2 edition of Last Week Tonight, Oliver presented a segment on vaccines, and he really tore into Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the frozen TV dinner of frozen TV dinner heirs.

  • May 3, 2021
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