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YOU are not at the Border, you are at a hearing. This is how every Dem Rep. should be talking.

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I missed most of the hearing today but caught this link and it was awesome.  When dems stand up to these bullies and remind them that WE the People are who legislators represent, then we get somewhere.  No more of this, my good friend, crap.  People who embrace or enable the caging and abuse of children are not friends of the people they represent and playing nice to the opposition is over.   

We demand those detention camps be closed as it is our money paying the salaries for those who abuse.  Think about that.  When you go to work for a wage that is not even a living wage, employers send Uncle Sam money to pay these stormtroopers to abuse these people.   That is your dimes, nickel, and dollars paying these thugs to abuse little children and helping abuse basic human rights.

Watch this video and see how every single representative on the dem side should be talking on the floor, in vigils, and hearing, then we will see some results or at least feel like we are properly represented.  DON’T YIELD.  HOLD THE FLOOR AND DON’T TAKE ANY CRAP FROM THE OPPOSITION UPHOLDING THIS STUFF.

Starts at the 2:21 mark from Cspan hearing.… Move the marker to 2:21 when Rep Connolly is called upon.

Thanks to Blacksheep..we got the tweet and video without using the Cspan video.



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Congressman Gerry Connolly (D- VA)   

“You’re not at the border!” Connolly shouted. “You’re not at the border right now! You’re in a hearing room! It’s my time!”… Move the marker to 2:21 when Rep Connolly is called upon.

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