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'YOU ARE NOT A KING' trends on Twitter after Trump suggests he's royalty

Donald Trump is king of the bungle, but he’s not, in any formal sense, a monarch.

That didn’t stop him from suggesting it this morning in a tweet, though:


The quote is from a February 1 column by New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker. Interesting that Trump didn’t quote this part of the article: “Impeachment will always be a stain on Mr. Trump’s historical record.”

Or this: “Even as they line up to acquit him, some Senate Republicans have acknowledged that the House managers prosecuting the case proved that Mr. Trump withheld $391 million in security aid to Ukraine as part of an effort to pressure it to announce political investigations into his domestic rivals.”

Regardless, the lesson that Trump did take away from the column was clear: He’s a de facto royal now.

And, needless to say, Twitter t’weren’t buying it:


— Scott Dworkin (@funder) February 15, 2020


— BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) February 15, 2020


— Jmaidan 💫 (@Aidanmj128) February 15, 2020


— A.Silver-MeMEs & GIFs (@SilverAdie) February 15, 2020


— Mychal (@mychal3ts) February 15, 2020


— Arctic Friend (@FriendEden100) February 15, 2020


— The Hill (@thehill) February 15, 2020


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Sorry, dipshit. We still have a republic. Though if we don’t vote this doofus out in November, we will be royally screwed.

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