I had to go to bed last night very early as I was so upset.   I then thought, this is what this madman wants.  I got up this morning and found there is plenty of evidence to back up the Atlantic, including The Washington Post, Associated Press and the infidel himself.

First of all, there were veterans looking for me last night on here and I apologize for not being here for you.  I have tried to respond to you all.  If I missed any of your calls or messages I am sorry. 

We have wondered where his low or bottom is, well I think we may have a clue just how low he can go.  MY husband is not a loser.   My Daddy was not a loser.  My heroes are not suckers or losers.  YOU who have served our country are not losers.  You are honorable and did not deserve this vile, disrespect  from a madman  If you are angry and hurt, know there are hundreds of thousands who have your back and hold you in high esteem.   

There is real anger out there now.  Very real.  He reached back into generations of service to this nation and spit on every single person who has worn the uniform.   He is nuts.    He is a traitor and deserves to be frog marched to Gitmo .   Please do not  let this maniac take you to a place of emotional or physical unhealth.

If you are feeling any kind of severe depression, to the point of self harm please call this number.  

1-800-273-8255  National Suicide Hotline.


If you do social media place proudly your  pic of your service in uniform.  We honor you.

From Business Insider


  • President Donald Trump doesn't care whether someone's a general, or been awarded a Purple Heart. He'll still blast them if they've done something he doesn't like.
  • Trump has disparaged generals and decorated soldiers, including the late Sen. John McCain, his former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, and the former special counsel Robert Mueller.
  • One of his favorite terms for someone he dislikes is a “Never Trumper,” which he has said are “human scum.”

Business Insider has a rundown of all the nastiness that man has said about our men, women  and Gold Star families.   Please read as it shows more truth to the article which we all know is true and must be included and spread far and wide.  America deserves better.  

Call out the enablers people.  Send a message of non support to the Republican cowards who are ignoring this treasonous talk.  Find McConnell’s # and others who know better.  

I can put out a great amount of outrage but I am here to encourage you and tell you to put that anger into work to get out the vote and support Joe Biden.   This is not about politics at this point.  It is personal.  My husband and my Dad and my uncles were not losers.  Neither were yours or you.  Widows…Rise up !   The only way Trump can win is with Russian and other autocrat help. 

Donald J Trump is a coward and insecure little man or something, as I am not sure he is even human with human emotions.   

I heard a story as a kid that a man was so evil that snakes to this day infest his grave.   People I knew had seen the grave.   They killed the snakes and they came back.  If that ever will happen again, I think they will infest the orange man’s grave.  He is THAT evil. 

To my Veteran friends here, I salute you and to the widows and caretakers, I salute you.  TURN YOUR ANGER INTO removing this shell of a man.   He only wishes he was half as good as any of you, but he is demented and for believers, he will pay if not in this life, in the next.  

My work for years and years hurt me deeply yesterday but he lost a lot of military family votes yesterday and there lies the glimmer of hope in the midst of this tragedy of so called leadership which is anything but.  Thank you Vote Vets.

Please Support Joe Biden


  • September 4, 2020