Yes, Francisco Franco Is Still Dead and Spain is Moving His Body Away from The Heroes.

Francisco Franco, the self styled “El Caudillo” and dictator of Spain, who allied himself with Hitler and Mussolini to crush the democratic Republic of Spain prior to WWII, died in 1975 and was laid to rest in  del Valle de los Caidos (The Valley of the Fallen) north of Madrid, a monument to the victims of the Spanish Civil War:

del Valle de los Caidos (The Valley of the Fallen) 

The Spanish cabinet of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is gonna fix that:

MADRID, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) — The Spanish cabinet of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez approved a legislative decree on Friday to exhume the remains of Francisco Franco, almost 43 years after his death in November 1975, deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo confirmed in a press conference.

The decree adapts Spain's current “Historical Memory Law” to ensure there is no legal challenge to removing Franco's body from its current resting place in the Valle de los Caidos (The Valley of the Fallen) to the north of Madrid. (snip)

The Valle de los Caidos itself purports to be a memorial for all of the victims of the conflict. However, it was built largely by the slave labor of republican prisoners and, although it contains over 30,000 bodies, the only two named tombs are those of Franco and Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, the founder of the Falange party, who was executed by the Republic in November 1936.

“Democracy is not compatible with a tomb that honors the memory of Franco,” she (Calvo) said.

Hitler’s body was burned outside his bunker and Mussolini hanged from a lamp post.

Here’s hoping Spain comes up with an appropriate means of disposal for Franco.