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Yeah I am clutching pearls…Nancy, why in the world did you trust a winger? I am speaking out

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Look, I know Nancy Pelosi is human but she is also a political genius.  What in the world possessed her to trust a RWNJ owner of a hair salon tell a stylist to go inside for a hair shampoo against all common sense this close to an election?

Pelosi took responsibility for her actions of not covering her face or going inside which other people are not allowed to do as I understand it only to be photographed and video taped to give Trump ammo that this Pandemic is not as serious and just political.  WHY !!!!!!!!!   

I spent last night on DIY hair grooming and feel qualified to do so as I studied cosmetology in beauty college and I have urged people to do their own hair. You cannot safely distance from someone doing your hair.  They lean over you.  Closely.  

I urged them not to take a chance on this deadly virus when I knew a little about the beauty salon but not until this morning to know Trump and Fox and the internet is having a fit over the Speaker breaking some of her own rules.  Why in the name of heaven 60 days out from an election and trust we are slowly building for people to mask and obey safety rules regarding this deadly 186,000 and millions sick did the speaker of the house fall for this bullshit?  We did not need any more doubt on how serious this thing is.  Yeah, she needed her hair done.  We all do.  She could have done several things.

She has the money to hire someone to come to her hotel or residence in DC rather than fly back to SF for a blow dry which is against the rules in California only to be caught breaking rules this close to an election where we are screaming MASK UP, STAY HOME, Close schools, DANGER …DANGER…..Biden is wanting to mandate masks everywhere and she trusted a right wing nut job owner.   Why ???

You bet I am pissed.  It is not the big things that sink elections and create more confusion, it is shit like this.   The genie is out of the bottle and even if you take responsibility for being so naive when you KNOW and I know you know the other side hates and is gunning for you to just mess up to distract for Donald Trump.  

This is what about the emails moment in the election and Hell yeah I am clutching pearls because I had many people start wearing masks in this little town and now, I am reading and hearing and seeing a lot of “ I told you it wasn’t that bad….your own Queen is not masking up”.  Yeah I am pissed and don’t kid yourself.  This is not good messaging.  The optics are terrible and Nancy you fucked up.  The first mistake was trusting for years a RWNJ owner who has drunk the kool aid and wants to not just destroy you but our message on masks.   

You are well off enough to have a hair dresser come to your home.  WAKE THE HELL UP !  Now your prayers are even being questioned .  Was it worth it?  Was the hair shampoo and style worth ALL OF THIS message confusion and right wing talking points?  Ever hear of dry shampoo?

Don’t tell me not to be upset….I feel like it was a Comey 2016 moment and yes it does hurt us in more ways that one.

I hope I don’t get banned but I have an opinion and have been fighting this mask deal here in Florida for some time and just heard Walmart dropped their mask rule.  Well DAMN.  You can take responsibility but you just make Biden/Harris’s job a helluva lot harder and ours as activists pushing for mask up for people to be safe in their own communities.  I expect pushback on this diary but the message should be at this point, Nancy made a huge mistake and does not get a pass for breaking rules and self serving as small as this may seem to some.  Live in a state where the numbers are high and friends have died and see how this strikes you.  Yell at me because I have my big girl pants on and can take it.   She was wrong and should admit it.

This is viral and it is hurting.   I have argued this all morning but to tell you the truth I have no defending this.  Pelosi knew she was a target and I don’t even trust my own family members but especially if I were Speaker of the House and had the means to have a private hairdresser in my home.   My God !  60 days out and I do hope the RWNJ’s business goes down in Flames of no clientel but she is a hero to Fox and Friends and their millions of viewers.  

Our side calls out bad judgement and I am calling it out.  The stylist can back up what she said all along but he was masked and I believe in on it.   He still is employed isn’t he?   Republicans can get away with crap…our side can’t.  

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